Silen Brand Story


As the leading brand in the garden tool industry, silen put forward the brand concept of “Serving the World Garden” at the beginning of brand building. With the rapid development of the brand, silen keeps pace with the times, takes the lead in seeking change, and is driven by technological innovation. Market, achieve brand upgrade. Paying more attention to the internal needs of users, emphasizing cooperation, inheritance and tolerance, not just products and services themselves, silen is also willing to work with distributors and distributors to fulfill this responsibility and commitment and pass on brand care to everyone. . Today's silen is not only to become a leader in China's professional garden tools, but also to become the leading brand of global garden tools as a goal!

In the environment of Industry 4.0, opportunities and challenges coexist, and only innovation can last long. The innovative and integrated ability of internationalization and localization, and the creation of a professional-grade silen brand, today's silen will accelerate its journey to a new milestone with its user-friendly design, dynamic and comfortable technology and perfect after-sales service.

silen takes the professional garden and gardening as the target market, and takes the characteristics of high user frequency and complex environment as the research and development direction. It adheres to the brand concept of “Serving the World Garden” and conscientiously implements the company's four unique standards:

1. The only correspondence between drawings and objects

2. The physical material and design requirements only match

3. The quality of the outsourcing is consistent with the design requirements.

4. Guarantee quality with a unique system

silen is determined to better meet the high-tech, high-quality, easy-to-operate professional needs of customers. silen has always been a brand that pursues excellence and seeks to transcend. Through successful implementation of high-grade, high-quality, high-standard product strategy, the company has established silen's high-quality brand image and unique silen brand culture.

In 2013, silen Brand won the title of “Jinhua City Famous Brand Product”. It laid a solid foundation for the re-upgrading of the silen brand. Speak with quality and let time witness.

We will continue to escort the silen brand with five “high” players!

High grade – rejecting ordinary, insisting on improving and improving user life R&D design.

High quality - creating industrial grade garden tools

High standards - advanced process design, to achieve the same

High safety - safe to use, environmentally friendly

High security - fulfilling commitments and serving the world's gardens

Design and implement the customer requirement

Individualized foreign trade service scheme

Our Service

To be Global Top-class Import&export Suppliers and Manufacturers.

Yongkang Puyuan Tools Co.,Ltd. was established in 2015 and its annual import and export turnover was up to nearly USD 20,000,000. We have professional work team with more 400 employees. We provide online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services. We welcome the customers from all over the world.

To provide purchasing and procurement services, namely, procuring of contracts for others for the purchase of goods and labor contracting services,we have over 80 employees for it.

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Address: China Headquarters: Floor 3, No.21 Dangui South Road, Xicheng, Yongkang, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

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