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问题解答 Faq

1、QHow can the engine go out of fire?

A:There are two reasons: first, the flameout leads do not connect to the tie up and have to be reconnected; two, the flameout switch is bad.

2、Q:What is the reason for the engine backfire and firing?

A:There are three reasons for the engine backfire.:

①The mixture is too thin. The cause may be a breakdown of the oil circuit or intake system. Oil circuit fault is mainly due to injector injection too little, resulting in injector injection too little is mainly due to: low oil pressure or injector blockage. The intake system failure is mainly due to the excessive intake volume.

②There was a problem in the ignition system. It is mainly the lack of ignition energy (high voltage line resistance is too high, ignition coil damage, power supply voltage is not enough) or spark plug failure.

③The ignition advance angle is too large. The main reasons are: inappropriate CKP clearance; CKP loosening; temperature sensor damage; engine load; ECU damage caused by coke deposition.

3、Q:Why does the machine go out when the gas is refueling?

A:There are four main reasons for the machine's flameout when it comes to fuel doors.:

①The idle speed of the machine has not been adjusted well, especially the transition characteristics are not good.;

②Transition jams of carburetor;

③A serious imbalance of the main oil supply, especially when it is too thin;

④Fuel filter plugging can only allow a small flow of flow through;

4、Q:Why does the clutch go to the chain?

A:There are four reasons, one is the clutch spring may be damaged, need to be replaced; two is the clutch spring free length too long, need to be replaced; three is the clutch design and manufacture of the centrifugal rate problem, the need to replace; four is the oil tank when the idle speed is too low, leading to the clutch chain, need to be re adjusted.

5、Q:How to clean up the air filter?

A:The air filter is divided into three types: paper quality, filter screen and polyurethane foam. The paper filter core can not be cleaned. It can only be cleaned with vibrating or compressed air to clean the pollutants, and the pollution is serious. The filter type air filter core can be washed dry and dry after cleaning with detergent solution. The polyurethane foam core is cleaned with neutral detergent and dried after drying. Use the mixture (gasoline: engine oil = 6:1) after soaking and stranding; air filter every 25 hours to remove dust, dust should be more frequent.

6、Q:How to pay attention to the mixture ratio of oil?

A:Use the random accessories to match the oil pot, open the gasoline cover, add the gasoline to the nearest scale according to the expected amount of use, open the oil cover, and add the oil to the corresponding scale of the corresponding scale according to the quality grade of the oil (such as FC grade) and the specified ratio of the instructions. Cover the tank, flip the kettle and let the oil flow into the kettle, then reverse the flow of gasoline into the oil drum, and so on and so on, let the oil flow completely into the kettle. Then shake and shake, turn over repeatedly and shake to mix evenly. Note: the mixture of oil is best used now. It will change the original ratio because of the volatilization of gasoline. It will also affect the lubricating effect because of the change of oil and other auxiliaries.

7、Q:What is the cause of the inundation?

A:"Inundation" refers to the excessive intake of oil in the cylinder to wet the spark plug, especially the two stroke machine even inside and inside the cylinder and the crankcase have fuel accumulation, so that the spark plug can not be fired and can not start, called "flooded cylinder". The failure of the "flooded cylinder" occurred in winter, the temperature and the temperature of the machine parts were low, the gasoline atomization was not good, the oil droplets entered the cylinder, the liquid gasoline was difficult to be ignited by the spark, and the subsequent oil droplets dampened the spark plug, and even the fire did not jump, thus forming a "flooded cylinder". In addition, when the machine is started, if the detonation sound is not opened in time after the detonation sound is heard, the excessive oil supply can not be started normally, and the number of pulling times will be too much, and "the cylinder" will be "flooded".

The following measures should be taken to eliminate the trouble of "submerged cylinder".:

①Remove the spark plug, flip or tilt the machine to make the spark plug hole face to the ground as far as possible. Confirm that the choke is in the open (No choke) position and pull the starter rope more than 10 times to clear the excess fuel in the engine.

②The cleaning spark plug is reinstalled after drying, the throttle trigger is completely loosened, the choke is in the position, and the starting rope is pulled three times. If the engine can not start, it can start normally according to the instructions of the instructions of the instructions. If the engine is still unable to start, replace a new spark plug and repeat the cold start procedure.

8、Q:How to maintain the spark plug?

A:The spark plugs should be removed every 25 hours. The dust on the electrode will be removed by wire and the gap between electrodes should be adjusted to 0.6-0.7mm. When you add, check, repair and maintain, remove the spark plug cap, do not smoke and keep away from the open fire.

9、Q:How to maintain the carburetor?

A:The diaphragm carburetor is a precision component in the handheld gasoline engine, and it is not recommended that the user disassemble it. If the dirt can be cleaned as a whole, the clean pure gasoline is soaked in a little bit, the brush is clean, and the carburetor special cleaning agent can be ejected, then the throttle and the air door are fully opened, and the throat and tube wall are blown from the air filter with clean and dry compressed air. It's better not to blow in the opposite direction. The float carburetor can be disassembled and cleaned. Mainly the main hole and the main nozzle, if the plunger oil needle type, can not change the groove of the E ring on the oil needle, if the surface of the foam float can not be scraped, so as not to destroy the surface layer.

10、Q:How long is the life of the Shilin series products?

A:There is no clear idea of the life of an engine, usually in terms of durability. They are divided into three categories according to their usage: Household (occasionally used), semi professional (intermediate users) and professional use. It is also divided into emission control durability and work durability. All are 50 hours, 125 hours and 300 hours three, 50 hours for the occasional household customers, the warranty period of 2 years, 50 hours is obviously not life, but a minimum period of work guarantee. 125 hours is a guarantee for working hours under normal maintenance. It is applicable to general workers, peasants, businesses and individual users. 300 hours can be considered normal working and maintenance (including replacement of non major parts) under the working life. The engine power should be no less than 90% of the calibrated power after 300 hours of work; the chainsaw manufacturer's responsibility is limited to defects in materials and manufacturing processes.